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In the '90s, Mr. Wobbly was a staple of UK pop culture. Despite starting life as a random one-off gag on a variety show, the public fell in love with the yellow ball of chaos. 

Soon Mr. Wobbly was everywhere, getting his own toys, VHS tapes, and eventually, his own theme park, Wobblyland. 

For several years this park delighted British children, allowing them to step into the fictional town that Mr. Wobbly called home. However, one day, without warning, the park closed. None of the staff were told exactly why the park had closed so suddenly, but it was clear that something terrible had happened.

The doors to Wobblyland were closed. 

Many presumed they would never re-open...

But this story doesn't end there. For years, Wobblyland sat abandoned, slowly being consumed by nature, its buildings slowly crumbling to dust. 

But, something inside the park continued to fester, growing ever stronger as it did.

Tonight, a group of former employees will find that, sometimes, the past refuses to fade into memory.

Down And Out In Wobblyland is an adventure for the Locus system made by Cobblepath Games. 

Inspired by horror games like Silent Hill, this adventure casts you as a group of former Wobblyland employees returning to the abandoned park to help a friend move on from a bad relationship.

However, as you enter the park, you'll have to confront your deepest fears, your past, and the park's own sinister history— all while strange forces lurk in the shadows, waiting for their moment to strike.

Inspired by the terrifying pop culture of 1990s England and several legendary abandoned theme parks, Down And Out In Wobblyland is an adventure about confronting the past and undoing its mistakes. 


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