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To make bird watching cooler, the National Society For Birds has created:


[Obviously Loving Looking Intently at Eagles]


This group skates around the national parks, identifying birds, being rad, and saying no to drugs! 

Using your two moves: Kickflip and Birdspot, you and your group have to try and track down the world's rarest bird, the fabled Lonely Hawk! 


Lonely Hawk Pro-Skatebirding is a business card ttrpg about being part of a hella radical skateboarding birdwatching group! 

This game requires only the card and your imagination. No dice, no coins, no character sheets. You don't even need a pencil! All of the moves are resolved by throwing the card into the air! 


Special Thanks: 

  • Tony Hawk (for being unrecognizable) 
  • Tony Hawks (for being recognized incorrectly) 
  • The lovely people at Pepoke Soda (for being cool and refreshing) 


The Download Includes: 

  • Jpeg of the card front and back
  • PDF (for double-sided printing) 


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Lonely Hawk Pro-Skatebirding (Front).png 133 kB
Lonely Hawk Pro-Skatebirding (Back).png 944 kB
Lonely Hawk Pro-Skatebirding (Double Sided).pdf 164 kB