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Shudder Speed(ier) is a rules extension for Shudderspeed by Richard Kelly. It was made for the Camera Jamera.

This extension includes 3 variant rules for the game. It adds a new shooting style, a new ghost type, and a possession-based social deception mechanic!

The three new rules are:

  • #Selfie! - What is better than photographing a ghost? Taking a selfie with one! This new shooting style allows players to do extra damage to the ghosts while healing themselves. But beware, getting in the frame with a ghost could have horrible consequences! 
  • Crimson Butterfly - One of your group is possessed by a ghost! The possessed player has to try and move an object without being noticed. However, the other players can try and snap a picture of them to free them from the ghost's control. 
  • Beguiling Form - Gives the ghosts a new ability, Beguiling!. When the GM uses a beguiling ghost, the players have to quickly close their eyes and try to take a picture without looking. However, if a player fails to look away, they'll be made to damage their equipment.


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