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The Society For Overly Specific Adventures is England's 5th most successful adventuring society. While others might have the looks, the charm, and even the brains, the SFOSA brings unique talents to the table. 

Ones you won't find anywhere else! 

So why not sit down in our reading room and listen to a tale of epic adventure!  

Society For Overly Specific Adventures is a simple storytelling ttrpg about adventurers with strange and unusual skills! 

At the start of every scene, every player draws a card and declares what skill it represents, anything from Punching to Pinball! 

Then one player starts to tell a tale of epic adventure. But, if another player thinks their skill may be helpful, they can jump in and explain how their skill lets them become the hero of the moment! 

Every time you start a new scene, players will draw a new card. But beware, once a card has been assigned a skill, it keeps that skill for the rest of the game, and two cards can't have the same skill, meaning that over time the skills will get weirder, leading to even odder adventures! 

Society For Overly Specific Adventures is quick to set up and simple to play. Making it perfect for those new to storytelling games or for groups who want a fast-paced experience that is easy to pick up and play!

You Will Need: 

• Deck Of Cards (with Jokers removed)

• Sheet Of Paper (for keeping track of the cards)

• Pen/Pencil 

• Six Sided Dice (One For Each Player Is Recommended) 


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