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No Springs! - 

Coily the Spring Sprite

In the 1940s and 1950s, many companies and government bodies made short industrial films. These films existed to teach the public about a specific topic, from workplace safety to household management. 

One of the most infamous industrial films is "A Case of Spring Fever" from 1940. Produced for Chevrolet, this film aimed to teach audiences about the importance of springs, and it did so by employing a common industrial film trope. 

In this movie, the protagonist encounters a sentient spring called Coily after saying he wished to never see a spring ever again. 

To teach him the error of his ways, Coily makes him endure a world with no springs!

No Springs is a simple 2-player ttrpg that allows you and a friend to make your own Industrial film. One of you takes the role of the teacher while the other is the helpless victim. 

As the film progresses, the teacher will try to make the victim see why their topic is so important while the victim will do their best to outsmart and get rid of the annoying teacher. 

The game uses a simple dice-based tug-of-war system focused on risk and reward. Do you play it safe and do one massive action, or take the risk and perform several in one turn? 

Will you come out on top? Or will you do the unthinkable and learn something? 

You will need: 

  • 8 D6 Dice


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