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So close, and yet so far. 

The only thing that separated you was a small cluster of tables piled high with cocktail glasses and surrounded by mesmerized audience members looking towards the other side of the room. 

Most performers would loathe the situation. However, you couldn't blame the audience for their rapt attention. 

She was stunning. A true performer with a personality that could light up the darkest room. You both joined this troupe within days of each other. You had quickly formed a rapport on and off the stage. 

The owner saw this and had just the place for you. The dueling acts had long been a trademark of this show. Two performers, one on each of the room's two stages. Both feeding off the other as if they were competing, one-upping each other.

Over time you grew closer, warmer, and more intimate. But the owner's new edict meant that you had to flirt secretly. So now the dueling acts had become an act of seduction, both of you working to impress the other, slipping notes between yourselves as you entered and left the room. 

Just so you could organize clandestine meetings and dates, away from prying eyes. 

Seducing The Green Fairy is a 2-player game about performance, love, and midnight rendezvous. Players take the role of two cabaret performers who have to arrange secret meetings to avoid the cabaret owner's prying eyes. 

However, maintaining a secret relationship isn't easy. One miscommunication could cause the whole thing to crumble to nothing. 

At the start of each round, one player will write a love letter to the other. However, they'll then attempt to throw a ball into a cup. For each throw they miss, they'll have to remove one sentence from the letter. 

Once they've finished, they'll pass the letter to the other player, who will have to try and make sense of the remaining sentences as they describe how the planned date pans out. 

But beware, one lost sentence could cause the letter to lose all meaning, and chaos could quickly ensue. 

You Will Need: 

- Table

- Soft Ball

- Cup

- Paper

- Pens


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