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"You Have One Ability...The Ability To Fuck This Up!" is a ttrpg where all the characters share one ability. 

The ability to fuck up any task they attempt. 

Inspired by the Three Stooges and other classic comedies, the characters have to perform a seemingly simple task. However, failure is always lurking around the corner.

Every time the characters attempt something, the players have to roll the dice. If they roll too high, their characters will fuck up whatever they're trying to do and chaos will quickly ensue. 


"You Have One Ability...The Ability To Fuck This Up!" is a simple yet chaotic roleplaying game that can be run with or without a GM.  

Character creation is done in seconds and you only need 2 ten-sided dice to play. Meaning that this game is perfect for parties and impromptu game nights. 

As there is only one stat to keep track of, this game can easily be played over online chat services with the use of a dice roller. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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