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Detectives are once again in vogue! It’s impossible to open a newspaper or log onto social media without seeing articles about detectives, be they hot newcomers to the scene or already popular detectives solving some big case.

Of course, this influx of new detectives means that sleuths are having to fight over cases...

As a detective yourself, this is the very situation you find yourself in. You turn up to solve a case only to find another load of detectives already there! 

Now you must stake your claim for why you are the best detective, the one who should get the credit for solving the case!

Deducing Seducing Detectives is a fun storytelling party game about argumentative and flirtatious detectives. Inspired by Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, step into the shoes of a group of detectives who want to be crowned top sleuth. 

Try to one-up each other with boastful tales of your greatest cases, but be careful! Keep your story straight, or one of the other detectives will jump on any contradictions in your story. 

Plus, players can influence the story, forcing you to think on your feet!


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