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The city echoes with the whine of high-powered engines!

The walls surrounding this city have been a prison for years, a closed-off place that traps even the most idealistic people and wears them down until their joy and optimism is sapped away. 

But tonight, that changes. One determined couple is trying to escape the city, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

One of the pair has been able to turn herself into a car. Now, her partner must jump into the driver's seat and help them both speed away from their horrid pasts. 

But! A fleet of other cars is hot on their trail (because bad things come in packs). 

My Girlfriend Has Turned Into A Car (And We're Escaping This City) is an intimate 2-player roleplaying experience inspired by the film "Adolescence of Utena."

Players take turns telling the story of their escape. While one leads, the other uses Zener cards to place obstacles in the other player's way. Once all the cards are down, the speaker has to try and guess the order of the cards. 

Their guesses will shape how the story plays out as the high-speed chase gets more intense. 

Game Includes:

  • PDF
  • Printable Zener Cards


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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