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"Attack And Dethrone God," is often attributed to the Weather Underground Organization's manifesto. Despite the fact that the manifesto didn't include such a statement. 

But what if you could find God, rough them up and steal their throne. Like a heavenly version of a group of bullies from an 80s high-school comedy?

Now you can! 

"Attack And Dethrone God" is a party role-playing game where you and a group of friends find out who can take down God! 

One person takes the role of God. They have to spout prophecies which the other players have to remember.  

If someone messes up, they have to pull from the block tower! 

But don't think that God has it easy. Not only do they have to remember their own prophecies, they also have to keep an eye on their "Token Of Godhood" as at any moment a player could grab it and declare themselves the new God! 

You'll need: 

- Falling Block Tower

-Set Of Dice

-A Token (I Suggest A Ball Of Yarn, But Anything Will Do. I'm Not Going To Come And Check.)

- Dice Bag

-An Urge To Murder A Deity 


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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